Thursday, October 03, 2002

dismissive people suck
I'll say it again: dismissive people suck. Today was quite horrible, between trying to track down Dobrenen so I can get the cross country results for my article before deadline, asking cross country runners (and one in particular who absolutely knows nothing) about their information, and getting the door slammed in my face (by Dobrenen), literally.

Called my friend. Listened to her soap-operatic love life filled with the requisite ex-boyfriend, potential new boyfriend, dramatic farewells and emotional letters. Take all these ingredients and toss in a couple more twists and turns (including stalker-ish behavior by one party), and you've got a Dave's special. Not naming any names of course, but if super cool people can figure it out. =)

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Some lady called, and it turns out that I am distinctive after all. Great/excellent/wonderful news. I'll call the travel agent again tomorrow, I just hope she's actually able to pick up the phone for once.
I have four tests tomorrow, which means I should buckle down, get offline, and start cramming for dear life. There's also an appointment for National Merit stuff tomorrow. Unfortunately I haven't touched the packet at all. Nothing. Nada. Not even my name is filled in. Now I need to write a glowing essay about my extensive commitments in various community projects that demonstrates my leadership potential.